Find the Best Accommodations for your Guests


If your big day is quickly approaching, you probably have your hands full with wedding plans. You may have been consumed with seating charts and cake tastings for months; and you’re ready for your big day to arrive. But, one often overlooked detail of wedding planning is having optional accommodations ready for your guests.

Weddings tend to be a big, happy party. People come to celebrate the love of a happy couple with a night full of fun! To keep your guests happy and safe, having an accommodation option on hand is a great idea.

It’s not customary to pay for any of your guest’s hotel rooms. But, it’s always considerate to offer options if they want to stay the night near your reception. Read on to learn about finding the best accommodations for your wedding guests!

1. It’s All about Location

You and your fiancé may have already chosen a wedding venue that’s perfect for your reception. Whether you’re having a big barn party or a classy affair at the county club, you want to consider the location of your reception space in relation to nearby hotels and inns.

Having a hotel close by ensures everyone has a safe place to stay after a long night of dinner, drinks, and dancing. The last thing you want is for people visiting from out of town to have to drive home late at night. Even if your guests are from the area, having the option of lodging encourages people to stay safe.

If you’re still searching for a venue, consider the availability of surrounding hotels. Remote or rural locations may not have this option and could be an inconvenience for guests. Simply search nearby hotels online to ensure there’s at least one option.

2. Ask the Experts

Your reception space most likely has a wedding coordinator on staff. These people are usually the ones that give you a tour of the space and go over the services and policies. You’ll work closely with them to plan the details and timeline of your night.

Use their skills to your advantage by asking them for advice on nearby hotels or inns. If you’re traveling from out of town yourself for your big day, you may not be totally familiar with the area. Your wedding coordinator should be well aware of nearby lodging and can help you direct your guests to the best hotel.

3. Search for Deals

Most times, hotels or inns near popular wedding venues offer discounts or deals for wedding parties. They’re usually prepared for influxes of wedding guests, sometimes offering one-night packages. If you’re not sure, set aside time to call Lancaster, PA lodging to see what’s available.

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In some cases, you can even reserve a block of rooms under your party’s name. If this option is available to you, it’s best to find out how many guests would be interested in stay the night in advance. This way, you won’t reserve too many or too few rooms.

Finally, you can go the extra mile by printing directions, coupon codes, and lodging details on to pieces of paper for your guests to take with them at the end of the night. It’s best to let everyone know about hotel options in advance by including these details in your invitations. But, there are usually last minute plans made to stay the night so this is a good option too!